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Mar 19, 2009
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Just bought a Canon Ae1, and I just have a few questions. What are some good camera settings for black and white film? Shutter speed, aperture, and whatever else there is to adjust.... Thanks. :confused:
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There are no "good" settings for all situations.

Set the Film Speed to match ... or some shooters will set the Film Speed on the camera to 1/3 lower.

If you are not experienced with Exposure and Light Metering ... then I would suggest you first shoot in Shutter Priority (put the lens aperture on A).
If you are hand holding then I suggest do not set the speed lower than the size of the lens.

Is this a Canon AE-1 or AE-1 Program ?
Hi and welcome.

First thing is to drop over to and go through their tutorials for a quick run through of what the settings are and how they effect the photo.

I understand that they say it's for digital cameras but digi mimics film and what works for one pretty much works for the other. (when you get to the place where you're confused about exposing for highlights/shadows shout out)

Good luck.

If you would like a quick answer?

Yes, set the ISO dial to match your film. Try to keep your shutter speed faster than the reciprocal of the focal length of your lens (ie. 50mm lens = 1/60 or faster). This will help to reduce blurring of your subject while shooting handheld. The smaller the f number for your aperture, the more light will pass through, the shallower your depth of focus. The larger your f number, the less light will come in, the deeper your depth of focus.

Check this site out for a quicky on exposure.

Hope this helps. When you come back with more pointed questions then we will be more than happy to answer them. Have fun and good luck.
what i can say is that you should ask your friends and known ones who have previously used such gadets. Many a times we fall in the ad trap

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