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Jun 2, 2009
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Southern California
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Hello Everyone! I signed up back in 2009 but for some reason I never posted and I never came back after making my profile. Weird! :confused:

Anyway, Yes, my real name is Sharna and I've been taking pictures seriously for 6 years and not so seriously since I was a teenager. *not that long ago* *cough!*

I've been published a few times in 2010 in Road Racing World Magazine and I've won several awards in local competitions also in our local fair. Up until recently I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I figured I'd figure it out eventually and I guess I have. I love taking pictures of people. Not weddings though cuz they're too stressful. I mean, portraits. :D

I have a friend here already and maybe a couple more that I didn't know were on here. I've been a floater for about 8 months looking for somewhere to hang my hat, I have been hanging at the corner but that's a bit fast paced. I'm a slow and easy kind of girl. :blushing:

Maybe, just maybe I've found a home.

Thanks Everyone!


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