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Aug 19, 2013
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Hello everyone I bought my first SLR (D5100 Nikon) a month back and I figured this would be a great place to learn a bit more about how to actuall use it. Most of the pictures I take are all automotive but I take a few others as well. All my shots are raw and not edited at all, as I have no experience in editing any photos so any tips on a cheap and easy program to help clear up photos would also be appreciated.

Below is some of my work. I also have another pending question, right now I have an 18-55mm lense but lookin for a more point and shoot capable lense. It seems most of the time with this lense I can only focus on a single object not an entire scene. Thanks in avanced!

Here is where most of my work is hosted and below are some highlights = CarAudiophile's photosets on Flickr
:thumbup: Welcome to TPF! :camera:

There are open source, free image editing applications like and

For C&C (Comment and Critique) use the - Photo Galleries - Photos submitted by members for general display or critique.- section of TPF
Welcome to the forum! Please do check out our Gallery section, where you can post your work by category. Not too many folks will follow links and give feedback elsewhere. :)

We also have a great forum dedicated to discussions of camera gear, so don't hold back - check out the place, settle in, ask questions - and have fun!
Thanks for the feedback on the open source programs, I tried using the normal

Is that not how pictures get posted?
Hello and welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the site.

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