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Jun 19, 2013
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Belfast, Northern Ireland
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My names Mark and I'm brand new to the online photography community. I've always had an interest in photography and snap photos anywhere. Mainly on point and shoot cameras and more recently just on my Samsung S3 as it was always with me.

I finally got what I wanted in March when I treated myself to my first DSLR; the Nikon D3100. I was looking for a long time on what to start off with and there was no point in me going too expensive due to the sheer fact that I'm a total beginner.

I look forward to taking in as much as I can from you guys and hopefully giving something back to the forum by sharing my shots which I have taken tips for from here. I will photograph anything effectively. I love trying macro shots of flowers and plants which I have growing in my back garden, more than that I'd like a great shot of my son to blow up and put onto a canvas. He's a boisterous 3 yr old with an addiction for life, and I have the ideas of shots I want; its just conveying it through the camera.

Thanks for reading my rant and I hope to chat soon.

Cheers :thumbup:
Hi Mark,

Welcome to the forum. I think you'll like it here. There are a lot of experienced photographers who are more than willing to help.

Hello and welcome to the forum Mark!
Welcome to the site.

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