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Dec 30, 2007
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I just want to introduce myself since I am a newbie. My name is Bec I have been very serious about photography for about the last three years. I have always loved to take photographs, however it wasn't until then when I found that I had a true and natural talent. I won 1st place in photography at a state competition with a photograph that I shot off a roof. I am currently doing a project to improve my school's photography curriculum. I am making a photography manual for beginning photographers, it will include almost anything a beginning photographer would need to know from techniques, terms, composition, to comparing two different brands of cameras. If anyone has any suggestions on anything else I should put in it I will definelty look at them.
Hello and welcome to TPF.

A major undertaking on your part is seems. Good on you. Hopefully some info in TPF can help you on your endevour.
Welcome to the forum! Enjoy :)
Welcome Bec!
Thank you so much. It is a huge project and I only have about three more months before I send it in to the publisher. I am using our photojournalism class to help me out a little, so I know that I am putting in easy terms, and things like that.

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