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Aug 21, 2010
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Hello all, I just bought a Nikon FM10. I'm so excited and I cant wait to use it. Since there are so many different types and brands of film, I'm not really sure which ones to buy. I do know that I would like to use black and white film as well as color. The same goes for lenses as well. I know that I can use All Nikkor AF-D, AI-P, AF-I, AI-S and AF-S lenses but I haven't a clue on which one I should buy if I do go to buy one. My camera is coming with a Zoom Nikkor 35-70mm f/3.5-4.8 lens so that will be the only one I will have when it arrives. I really could use some advice from all the photography people out there. All of your help would be greatly appreciated.

The FM10 is not an AF camera, so while you can use AF lenses as manual focus lenses--it would be cheaper to buy manual focus ais lenses. The only reason to go for the af or af-s lenses is if you plan on using them on an autofocus body as well.

The only lenses you need to avoid completely are "G" and "DX" lenses, "G" lenses don't have an aperture ring so you wouldn't be able to change the aperture. "DX" or "DC" lenses are made for digital SLRS with smaller sensors, they won't cover the entire film area.

Find yourself a 50mm ais lens, a 50mm f1.4 would be ideal--they sell for around $100 online. If you want to save pennies, a series E f1.8 50mm lens can be bought for less then $30.

As for film, it's getting harder to find places that process b/w film--they usually need to send it out. I would recommend starting with cheap drug-store film until you're comfortable with the camera and then try some of the better black and white films like fujifilm neopan acros 100 or kodak tmax.

Good luck!
I've always liked Fuji film (color and B&W). Just buy a few rolls of something and see what you like.

For C-41 process B&W, I like Kodak BW400CN.

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