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Dec 30, 2015
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Hi everyone. I am a writer and photographer for my college news paper and am wanting to extend my knowledge base and skills with a camera! I figured being a part of one of the online photography forums would be a big help in that goal so I'd just like to tip my cap and say hey!
My aim is to become a more skillful and adept photographer and be able to take freelance jobs doing live music shoots and band photos along with various landscape shooting just for fun!
I hope to have some great conversation and see some great work on here.

Thanks everybody.

See you around.

Matt C.
Welcome to TPF! We like to be honest here.... Sometimes brutally so but I can honestly say that TPF has helped be improve and has challenged me. I hope you enjoy our brand of crazy .
Welcome aboard.
Welcome Matt!

Ummm, didn't mean it like that…..
Welcome. Very helpful forum here.
Welcome to TPF, Matt. I hope that hope you an stick around a bit and become a full member of this nuthouse gang.

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