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Jul 11, 2003
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Las Vegas
The Safari House is a unique environment that brings together models and photographers for an adventure in Las Vegas. The Safari House is the former home of Siegried and Roy, the location where they kept their famous white tigers, and sets the scene for fabulous pictures.

Imagine a vast exotic location with spectacular rare plants and trees, rippling waterfalls flowing into a sparkling pool and an intricate African safari mural painted on ten-foot walls that surround two and a half acres of professionally landscaped desert. There's also over 5,000 square feet of luxurious interior with white ceramic tile throughout, lush Italian furniture, a billiard room and a historical tiger cage!

Beginning Saturday July 12, and every Saturday through Novemeber, the photographers will be bringing together models, showgirls and photographers all looking to create that magical picture.

The fully catered shoot will be followed by an after party with all of the models, as well as many Vegas players.

For more information log on to or email [email protected]

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