New zoom lens! And a super offer (here I need your help)


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Feb 1, 2004
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Yesterday was my husband's first day off work and we went shopping just a bit. And once in Media Markt (Hobbes* will know it), I could make him get me a replacement for my meanwhile extremely dodgy Sigma 70-300mm lens, that had been "replaced" by my sister's equally, only differently dodgy Tamron 28-200mm lens, which also she had to replace by a new one ... so here I was about to go to the States with TWO very dodgy lenses and now I no longer need to :biggrin: :boogie: !!! I know it is not the best of lenses you can get, I saw some lying there of the category that Ray, Peter and Eric use for their fantastic bird pics, but this new one was only a tenth of those lenses prices!!! And its biggest advantage over any other is: it is MINE now! :D
I also got me a second battery for the 350D, for I do not want to run out of batteries in the middle of New York with greatest photo ops in front of my eyes! That would be utter horror.

And one other marvellous thing happened yesterday afternoon: when a friend of mine from the choir and I set out to rehearsal together (he lives five houses down my road and always collects me so we can save on one car), I told him about my new lens and wondered out loud if I should take the Leica to America, too, and how very good that camera is for b+w photography, but how frightfully expensive it is to get the films developed and prints made, and then he asked: "You have got a darkroom, haven't you?" and I went: "Who? Me? A darkroom? No! My sister saved the enlarger from our uncle's former darkroom, but... none of those things is here with me" and he carried on: "Well, I got a Durst enlarger and all the necessary equipment for a darkroom here with me. It is all there, but I am too old to start this up". (He's 72). "Do you have a room in your house that you can make all dark and use as a darkroom?" And I started musing, thinking that the cellar room where there is my washing machine would make an ideal room, part of it is already tiled and all, and that little window can be made totally dark easily.

And here's the point where I need all those people's help who are going to meet Andreas in DC: when I told him this wonderful news this morning over breakfast, his reply was ... not quite as enthusiastic as mine was ... in other words: it was fairly, quite, almost totally UNenthusiastic. You must tell him that it is IMPORTANT we start working on how to add a darkroom to the washing machine in that very cellar room, will you? And that a gift offer like that cannot be let go, and how good it will be for me to also know some of the basics of photography, and how enriching it will be for me to go back to the roots of photography and all that. Hm? Terri? Will you grab him on occasion and have "a quiet moment" with him, maybe? ;) ;) ;)

And then someone must come over and teach me darkroom!
My recollections of what I saw my uncle do when I was a kid is a tad hazy, if not altogether gone by now... :roll: But I'd really love to have a darkroom of my own! For b+w only, of course, but my: those prints are so expensive!

(*bad news, Hobbes, by the way: only two Guano Apes CDs in their rack, neither of them Planet of the Apes :(...)
Cool, that's good news. You'll be able to talk him round - you ladies have that ability to get what you want! ;)

Darkroom stuff is pretty straight forward - just take a test roll and cut it into smaller sections so you don't ruin the whole film by putting the wrong chemicals in! (like I normally do!)

ohh... Corinna tell him that it may be very good start for your kids into photography!
mentos_007 said:
ohh... Corinna tell him that it may be very good start for your kids into photography!

Oh exactly! **rubs hands together** Tell him that having a darkroom in the house will keep that beautiful daughter of yours so busy that she will not be interested in dating boys until she's 25. That'll make him really think about it. :mrgreen:
Hey! Good idea. That makes me think, too. :biggrin:
So far her daily swimming is keeping her pretty busy, but with a darkroom we can also fill in the "voids", cool. Good reason in favour of the darkroom.
Terri, you got that?
(It is always much more impressive if it is someone else to say these things but the wife...!!!) ;)
We need a Media Markt over here. We already have a few German grocery stores popping up over here and there is a new Ikea so they should be next. :D

I agree about telling him that you could teach the children. They could be learning something very valuable. We've been thinking about having one at home whenever we have the room to set one up, maybe in our next house for us to use and for us to teach the kids how to use. My mom has gotten into developing her own photos in the darkroom at school, otherwise I'd imagine she'd be looking at the darkroom setups for home too. They're great and oh so rewarding because you are responsible for the entire photographic process. :biggrin:

(ps - thanks for looking anyway Corinna. I guess we'll have to save up for our Germany trip a lot sooner. ;))

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