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    Greeting to one and all.

    well i recently got a digital camera Panasonic fz8, nothing fancy, but it was just for typical pictures. and then i decided to give up my other hobby, due to it being rather childish, and nerdy. So iwas lookign for a new one when i found this forum on the net it intreged me, and have since been frequenting this site more and more. As such i decided as my new hobby i'd like to try and take nice pictures and what not.

    well tomorrow is my friends wedding so i am going to take my camera along and see if i can get any decent shots, that where you'll come in. i was wonmdering if any of you would be able to give me any advice that would help me with this. I'm pretty new to photography, sure ii can take a picture, but who can't eh. i've been reading a few things and they have helped, but i just wanted to know what you'll think.

    *the weather said that it is meant to rain, but it's sort of beena bright overcast, if you know what i mean.

    Also in the new 2 weeks i'm looking at getting a tripod, nothing too fancy ( and by fancy i mean expensive ;) but something that should last a good amount of time and is rather sturdy)

    Thanking you in advnace Timothy

    By the way i live in Australia eh.


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