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Nov 2, 2008
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Ok....I've got my image where I want it.....almost. There are two things I want to fix on this image. The super white blown out spot in the very top dead center. Also, on the border between the visible mountain in the foreground and the plains below there is a very bright red line which may or may not be visible in this smaller image but it's a common problem similar to a halo in an HDR photo. How do I fix this in photoshop, what tools do I use and how to I use them, etc....

Thanks in advance.

Also, if there is anything else in the picture that needs to be fixed, please mention it. You experienced people on the board have a much more developed eye than me for that sort of thing.
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Super white blown out spot: A little clone brush using nearby sky detail, then possibly some spot healing to help blend it works well. Use a soft-edged brush for best results.

The red line is chromatic abberation, and here's one way to deal with it (there are several).

1. Make a new Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.
2. Dial the Red and Magenta channels all the way down to zero on the Saturation and all the way down to zero on the Lightness.
3. Fill the H/S mask with black.
4. Zoom in and paint a thin white line on the mask where you want the red line to go away.
Since you are relatively inexperienced, I would suggest doing the cloning and spot healing on another layer. Just copy the area around the white spot and paste to a new layer (this is the default for paste, you don't need to create the new layer first). Then, when cloning, sample from the background layer and clone to the new layer, and do the spot healing on the new layer also.

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