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Nov 6, 2011
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New Zealand
heya everyone. Im kind a new in photography and I have a question about camera flash. I would like to buy a flash for my canon Kiss-X4 or known as canon 550d. can you guyz give me any advice from the experts about this..

thank you very much guyz.
I know I'm late, but the 580EX ll is what you want. If not the 430EX will do.
Well, it is really depend for what you need this flash. If the money is not an issue get 580EX II. But if you are using flash just for hobby and sometimes you need more light 430Ex, 430EX II, 550EX or 580EX are excellent choices as well. All of them work in ETTL mode and you can find them from 150-250$
If money's not an issue, get the top of the line Canon. In fact, if money is no object, get two or more of them, and some Pocket Wizards to fire them.

On the other hand, if money IS an issue, go with a Yongnuo model. They reverse engineered the Canons, so they'll work just as well for anything you try to light with them, unless you get into high speed sync flash, which most people never use. You'll never know the difference and you'll pay far, FAR less, no matter which Canon model you decide to get the Yongnuo to replace.
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The Bower SFD-728C or SunPak DF3000C (same units) are inexpensive e-TTL models suitable for newbies. These models will kickstart you in bounce flash photography. But if you would want to go into off camera flash, you would have to get more expensive models.

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