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Apr 17, 2009
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Hi! My name is Kristina and as other posts go, I'm new to photography. I started to take an interest in it about 2 years ago, mostly wildlife/landscape type pictures that I would shoot while out camping, 4 wheeling, etc. Last October our family grew and since then I have really enjoyed taking portrait pictures, mainly of family.

I hope to better my skills, which are still very novice at this point, and *maybe* in the future look into making this hobby a career. Right now, I just want to have fun and not think of it as work!

I recently acquired a Canon Rebel Xs, after my point and shoot Canon Powershot died on me. I'm still figuring out how to use all the features and probably should have stayed on Auto mode, but ventured into the other settings and have thoroughly confused myself.

I hope to learn alot from the experienced, share my frustrations with the fellow newbs and just see what each shot brings.

I'm sure I will have alot of questions as I'm also trying to figure out using post software such as Photoshop elements 6 and hopefully as early as Thursday I may have a copy of CS. So please bear with me, it takes a few times before things stick and alot of trial and error.

And on that note, i'm off to the beginner's forum to post up some of my pics so far!

Hiya Kristina, and thanks for that intro. Always nice to know a little about the new members. Welcome
Thanks! So far I've found so much more information here alone than from the last couple weeks of googling, lol!
Hi Krisitina, I feel the same way^

I've been looking around the forums and there is so much information here, and there are a lot of experience members, which is more helpful than Google searches, for sure. It's more helpful to have real people to interact with than some information page -- though those are still needed.

I'm very new to photography myself, and I don't even have my own decent camera yet. I'm going to try to learn what I can here, and maybe get more inspiration to start saving up now.

Good luck with your photography!

I started off with a pink point and shoot, canon powershot and looooved it! I think i killed it by taking so many pictures with it! I think that for starters and especially the beginners that a point and shoot is perfectly fine while you tune your skills, learn composition, technique and what kind of "style" you're going for. I've also noticed that alot of good pics can be made into great pics with some post editing.

Walmart actually had the Canon Rebel Xs on sale for $549, the week before Easter anyway, you may want to look into that for a DSLR. It's a great camera and it wasn't too hard making the jump from point and shoot to this, though there is definitely alot more options and settings to learn!

Tonight while watching our eldest skate board, I figured out the whole panning thing, which the actual pics sucks because I'm still figuring it out, but some of them came out pretty good! I'll post it up tomorrow after I upload them.

thanks for your post and welcome to you as well! I'm really excited to have found this forum because i have tooons of questions but am pacing myself, lol!

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