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Dec 30, 2015
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Hey everyone!

New member from Australia here! Actually new to the whole photography thing in general. While I have had point and shoot cameras and what not before I have never really played with anything beyond that.
Mum and dad were kind enough to get me the Nikon D3300 with the kit lense (18mm-55mm I think?) for Christmas. Since then I have been taking a bunch of photos and doing a bunch of reading to learn what everything does!
Hopefully soon I'll have a couple of images worthy of uploading and put them up for some C&C!
Welcome to tpf
Welcome. And it's not about photos being "worthy" of's about the poster being interesting in receiving C&C. So when you want feedback on how to improve, post and then ask for input on how to make it a better photo.
Haha thanks for the welcome! I guess worthy wasn't quite the right word, but a lot of my photos really are just point at something and change some stuff and see what happens! I do have some snaps though that I actually tried to get nice photos of things!

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