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May 2, 2009
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Just stopping in to introduce myself.

My name is Adam and im 23 years old and from NY..
I have just gotten into Photography within the last year or so. I started out with a egular fuji film digital camera and soon realized I liked just snapping away. So I went and purchased a Sony Alpha A300, Ive only had it for a short time but I really like it. especially the LCD that pulls out for when u dont want to climb on the floor or up high to see what your shooting..

I am trying to uplaod pictures from photobucket but i keep getting a red x instead :x
any suggestion to post them i copied the img code corectly and clicked the little mountain and pasted but just a red x

I know it's a pian to click the links but if you would like to view some off my pics feel free. Some are from my trip to PR and i think one is of a co-worker she i very smiley all the time fun to photograph, lol

all comments welcomed.
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Hi Adam, and welcome to TPF.

Not sure what is the reason for the problem you're experiencing. Try it again (clicking onthe little mountain icon), and be sure you paste the photobucket URL over top of the http:// that appears in the box when it pops up. If that doesn't work, maybe try pasting the URL directly into the thread, and then manually typing in the
tags on either end.

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