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    recently i have inherited a Nikon F2 and F3 in great condition, along with 6 different lenses.

    one for me, one for my girlfriend.

    after consulting an enormous stack of books, we feel we are sufficiently competent to begin experimenting with these old, manual beasts.

    my interest in photographing is purely for enjoyment, art, and possibly for creating documentary work of some variety in the future.

    i was the on-site manager of a (for lack of a better term) halfway house for recovering alcoholics/addicts, and now i am employed in a residential treatment facility. i begin my senior field internship (for a BA in social work) in 3 weeks at a homeless shelter. a vague goal of mine is to complete a realistic, humanistic portrait series (or multiple series) centered around social welfare institutions and the people that seek services in them. i welcome anyone with similar interests to pm.

    this is my favorite shot produced with the f2 thus far:



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