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    Hi All. Just signed up and have been looking around the site. I have already found some great topics, tips, links, etc.

    I am looking forward to learning a lot and eventually posting some of my pictures.

    I just recently bought my first DSLR and so far, I have been enjoying it. A bit perplexing at times though. I will be taking a "Welcome to Digital Photography" class at the local community college in March and am very much looking forward to that. All the terms really confuse me, even with a book for dummies sitting in front of me :p

    I love taking pictures of my family, my animals (3 dogs and 3 cats), and nature. I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful state (Washington) with so much opportunity for amazing nature pictures! I try to get out as many weekends as possible and just drive to wherever the car takes us and take as many pictures as possible. We were just at Mt. Rainier this past weekend - love it there!

    Okay, back to the forums and galleries :drool:

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