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Dec 16, 2007
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Hey guys and gals! I'm new to the forum here. I am based out in Hawaii and we do have our own photography forum for us hawaii photographers. Although the forum does not contain much information for wedding photographers.

I've been into photography and into the business for over 3 years. Lately, I took a step back and looked at my work and decided it is not where I want it to be at. So now i'm spending a lot of my time researching and studying other peoples work.

I found this forum through google. I joined this forum just to get other peoples opinions, tips, or tricks from other parts of the country(or world). I will also try to help those that ask for it here on these forums.

Here is a few samples of my work:




Okay seriously...I hate the first two shots, BUT then you include the third shot. It's like wow man, the landscape just work for you!
i think the first shot is a nice angle to shoot and would be a different shot for the bride to see in a proof, the 2nd shot, not much of my favorite but my fave is the 3rd with that glow on it
Same here. Awesome 3rd! I can plainly see what is wrong with #1. But, could someone seriously critique #2 for MY personal gain. Outside of the obvious cropping issues, I don't know why I don't like it. Thanks
#1, i see what you were going for....but the out of focus decorations on the left just draw your eye away from teh subject...these is the type of shots that you should have a fabulous focal point decoration in focus, then have the other stuff out of focus, but in the background....out of focus in the foreground, just doesnt work, too distracting

#2...not a bad shot, i rather like it....yes, sky is white so its a lot of dead space, but sometimes that can be artsy and i think it works here, would i like to see a bit more of the hint of blue sky pulled out..yes...composition wise, they are smack in the middle...crop off some of the left and sky... great shot...i would remove the tree out of his head though....
Okay, the first one is not quite right because of the big blurry swag in the almost entire left half of the photo. It's also hard to see what is at the end of the isle (a bride and groom) because of all the distractions.
I like the second one despite what everyone else is saying. I think it should be b+w though and cropped in a bit more. (Try 50%, 40%, 10% under channel mixer, it looks real nice)
The third one is just plain gorgeous. Good work there.
That third shot rocks my socks off! Great job!!

Ahh Hawaii, I was there this time last year, I'm so jealous you get to live there! Anyway, welcome to the forum.
Thanks for the welcome and comments!

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