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Apr 27, 2009
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Homer Glen, IL
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Hey guys,
My names Tyler. I have a lot of hobbies a new one being photography. I own 2 retired race horses (standard bred). They are probably what got me into photography after all. I also modify a lot of things dealing with LED's and lights including my car, computers, Engravings, speakers, really anything that I can take apart.

Anyways I own an Olympus SP-310, looking to upgrade finally to a SLR Nikon D90, maybe? Or anything that I can manually focus with... I'm very intrigued with Panoramas and HDR photographs.

While I'm here I'm going to try to learn everything about HDR photos and how to take them, along with editing them.

Also I got some photos to show, but should I start a new thread or just post them here?
Hello sockles, and welcome!

Your photo would probably get more hits if you post it in one of the galleries/subforums, as other members may not think to look in the welcomes/intros subforum for pics.

Post away!

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