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Aug 3, 2013
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West Palm Beach, FL
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I've been dying to give photography a try, and a couple days before my trip to New York, I bought a Nikon D3100. I had a wedding to go to, and a 2 day trip to NYC planned. What a way to practice, huh? Well I had a blast snapping 1,500+ pics in 5 days, and have gotten some nice feedback from family. I'm curious to see what non family members have to say ;) I've definitely gotten the bug though, and am excited to learn!

Any recommendations on where to get my pictures printed? I got just a few printed quickly for my Aunt at CVS, but feel the do the pictures no justice!
There are lots of online prints - Mpix, AdoramaPix, etc.

but before you spend $500 printing 4x6s of lots of pictures, you might learn a bit about photography and even learn how to improve the images.
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Doing an image justice takes developing, and today that means working in the digital darkroom. Without developing, no print will do the image justice. Photography is ultimately a product of what you see in your mind, and it takes several steps to make that happen. CVS won't do it for you. Even if photography is just a hobby for you, it makes sense to master the fundamentals, otherwise you'll only be guessing and accidentally making good pictures on occasion. You want some success and control over what you're doing. That requires understanding light, the camera, and the development process. Understanding is the key. Without that, the tools alone are in control.
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