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Nov 30, 2007
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United Kingdom
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This is my first post here. I was wondering, if there are any people from the UK on here, better still from the south-west? I live near Bristol and am looking for buddies?
Would be great to hear from you, if you are nearby. :wink:
Welcome Gems :)
.. stay away from those strange London meetup people.. :p

.. ok, to be honest, I am just p*ss*d off by the fact that I can't make it to London this weekend.
It would be neat if, in "real life," you could say something to a group of people, and then, a month later, run into one of those people on the street, and without even saying "hello" receive a response from the other person, and not only THAT, but to know instantly exactly what conversation the person was continuing. If life was like that, I might have one.
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