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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Murphy, May 14, 2007.

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    Hello everyone,

    I've owned a 35mm camera for many years now. I just never knew how to actually use it.

    Great pictures have always fascinated me. Like many untold 1,000's of others, I have occasionally taken what I considered to be a great picture on rare occasions. I've always felt if I got one or two 'nice' pictures out of a roll of 24, that I had done about my average.

    I chose this site after looking it over tonight due to the high membership and the various topics. There has to be countless years of experience here to learn from.


    P.S. No relationship that I am aware of to the fellow who made all those silly 'Murphys Law' things. (Although I am stricken by them often).

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    Welcome on board. There's oodles of experience on here. And to go with it the usual range of grumpy pros and kind folks to keep them calm :).

    I know what it's like thought to get a horrible "hit ratio" on film. I remember sending 4 rolls of film from a thunderstorm to a lab. When I went to pick them up they were in awe not only of the photo of the fantastic lightning strike I captured, but that I had them develop 95 blank photos to get it :). Keep trying, post questions and images here, take some of the fantastic advice floating around onboard, and you will soon find you're getting better, (but your standards also go up so you'll still only get 2 *acceptable* photos / roll)

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