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Mar 12, 2009
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Hey guys!

I'm relatively new to the photography world. I bought my Canon Rebel XTi the end of summer '08 (see, not long at all ;) ), and I have loved every minute of shooting since! I've bought a lot of gear since then, probably more than I should have, lol.

I've been told I'm a pretty upbeat gal, and I'm pretty much always smiling! I get really nervous shooting people, but I really think it's my favorite thing to shoot. I do LOVE shooting landscapes, and when the weather warms up I'm sure you'll see a lot more nature stuff from me ;)

I'm an undergrad at Syracuse University right now, majoring in English and Textual Studies, minoring in Education and Psychology. None of these are my passion unfortunately, but I figured that out a lil too late! :lol:

Anywho, my website isn't up yet, but you can check out my flickr if you want :) Add me if you have an account!
hi welcome to the forum..its nice to have you here..
Hi there! You sound a lot like me!
Hi :) Thanks for the welcome guys!

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