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May 24, 2006
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here are some of my 1st pics....mainly my kids. I would love some feedback on them....and advice on making them better.







A couple from my baseball game


the turtle one is my favorite......Most of my shots seem to have my kids in them somewhere.

Thanks Photo Gal for the compliment......I find my son I a little more photogenic (sp) then my daughter.
Hallo officersdr and welcome to ThePhotoForum.
Nice "newbie"-pics you have sent for us. I like them.
You want some critique to make the next ones better.
Let me start with the best (to my mind), Mr Grumpy in the Meadow. Which is a lovely photo. Lots of green around your little Mr Grumpy, my favourite colour! But your subject is smack in the centre of the picture. Photos often gain some more impact, seem to be more dynamic, if the subject is a bit off centre. But this one also works the way it is. His expression is just too good for it NOT to work :D.

Photo 2 here made me think that portrait pics in bright sunshine often don't quite bring the results you were hoping for because of the deep shadows you get with bright light. Shady areas offer themselves better for portraits and close-ups ... and a bit more shade would also have kept that bright spot on your other daughter's (?) cheek in Photo 6.

Nothing of what I am saying means to say your photos are not good.
But you were asking for some constructive advice, too, weren't you?

The photo with the turtles is just good!
Thanks for the advice I'll try them next time.....look at some of my other pics i have posted in other galleries

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