There's nothing much in the way of subject matter and the reeds in the foreground are distracting, I reckon your a youngster, look for some decent subjects, go in close (2 - 10 ft) shoot anything, leaves,people,animals, plants etc. H
thanks for feedback, I'm not that young but young to photography! Which ones did you like?
I find the pic lightly over exposed and under-saturated.

The sky has a weak blue feel to it and the rocks are not easily seen as separate entities due to light lack of detail because of a touch too much light.

Interesting how the grass cuts up the pic, but getting in a little closer and tighter with your subject will increase interest.

Right now, I am not sure what the object being photographed is... is it the grass, the rocks, the opening of the channel of water in the middle?
thanks to all feedback, the subject was the reeds/grass actually, i see what you mean about over exposed.. it was a very sunny day.. also i quite liked the scorched white feel to the stones!

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