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Aug 8, 2010
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South Wales
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Hi all! - Let me introduce myself, my name is Anthony I currently live and work in South Wales with my Family

I have not long ago taken up Photography of the Digital Kind ;)

I have purchased a second hand camera - Canon EOS 400D of which i must say I am very happy with to be honest

I am new to all this photography stuff and any hints and tips would be gratefully received ;o)

I recently created a blog to post some of what i think are my best shots - lol remember what i think are my best ;) - go easy on me plz ;)

please feel free to visit my blog - the link is in my profile info

Feedback appreciative ;)

Glad to be aboard this forum!

Antz :)
Hey Antz, welcome are so,so,so new that in your profile to the left there, on my screen it still says Posts: 0. SO, welcome...any minute now that post count of your is going to rocket up to Posts: 1.

Hope you'll feel free to wade into the discussion here at any time.
Hi Derrell,

Thanks for the welcome and hey the boost of posts! lol - looking forward to browse tis forum for some major hints and tips!! ;)

Did you have a chance to check out my pictures on my blog if so what do you think! constructive crit! accepted ;)

Antz :)

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