Newer 7000 vs older 7100


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Oct 4, 2015
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Looking to upgrade from my old trusty D70s (just sold) and I had settled on a used D7000 as it was mainly in my price range, a significant upgrade vs the old camera and I could grab a very low shutter count one (2000 to 7000) for $500 odd AUD.

Just seen a D7100 for similar pricing but with 27XXX actuations and not sure if this is a viable option too given the upgrade vs 7100 but with higher shutter count.

Will be used for macro and general holiday/kids snaps (but mainly macro).
27000 isn't much if camera was looked after. Check cosmetic as well on both. I'd go d7100 if both good.

Any doubt at all and an almost new d7000 be great also
Thanks. Appreciate the swift response. I thought that might be the case. With shutter life of 150,000 30k is just run in.

Will see if it's still for sale and make an offer.
I had a d7100 but sold it and have since bought a backup d7000.

I'd go with the d7100 every time :)
Had a D7000 and a D7100

Get the D7100, the AF on it is better and its overall a step up from the (also very good) D7000.
Somewhat jealous! Was hoping for a 7100 to appear, but had to settle for a 7000 to replace my d5000 (11K on the count, very good condition). Similar price? I'd go for the 7100....but I'm very pleased with my purchase!

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