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Discussion in 'People Photography' started by zulu42, Feb 18, 2018.

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    Oh, my that you mention the odd bulge effect, it's difficult not to look at it and see that. I see it.

    As far as incidence/reflection, a very valuable tip when photographing things that tend to reflect a lot is to tripod mount the camera, and then have an assistant move the light through an arc, and look through the camera to see the exact, precise lighting effect, since the exact camera viewpoint determines how the reflections or highlights look. That's why above I numbered these things as 1,2,and 3, as "1) the light source and 2)the subject and the 3) the camera's lens". You have to have that third element in there to evaluate how a highlight or reflection actually looks--from the camera's position!

    The more you work with the same light and flash, the better you'll get at predicting its lighting effect. For this setup, you have the 1/8 power main light and the 1/64 fill power as a pretty good lighting ratio to give that type of look, which is like three stops' less of an output level for the fill light, in relation to the main light's output level.

    For what it's worth, I think the brown fabric backdrop in this looks very classic; I personally love brown backdrops for formal studio type shots. For the reflector placement, make sure NOT to put it too far back! Many people put the reflector so far back that it fills in the dark-side ear way,way too much! The reflector usually should be positioned literally in front of the subject, closer to the camera than the person is, otherwise it tends to light-up that dark-side ear and face, and it looks bad. Beware on on-line lighting diagrams that show reflectors placed in unrealistic positions, or in flat-out "impossible" placements where the reflector can not even "see" the main light's output; the web is filled with so-caleld lighting diagrams that are deceptive/misleading/silly,etc..


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