Niagara Falls is next???


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Apr 4, 2006
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SF California
It's a neat concept.

But for me it just doesn't work. The water just doesn't look real to me and the horizon is dead center.
You dont have to be a photographer to be a critic.
No chip on my shoulder and I agree with you the water was a challange to create. I have often thought of adding rocks to the edge with water going arond them but that would pull your eye away from the barrel.

Thanks for your comment!!!
Cool pic. :thumbup:

I'm not sure it belongs in this gallery tho. I'm not sure it can be classed as 'photography' as such. You've used photographs to creat a piece of art that isn't a photograph. I use digital processing to ehance/amend my photographs, but there is an undefined line between a retouched photograph and a work of art based around a photograph, but this defanatly crosses it.

I really like the pic, but I wouldn't call it a photograph as such. Perhaps this would be better in 'The Creative Corner'? I'll let the MODS decide ;)

I'd like to see more :)


Mohain :)
The horizon doesn't bother me much, although it could be a bit higher. The barrell is the center of attention, and it's the first thing I looked at.

The water doesn't work for me, though. The pattern is too regular and doesn't quite look right.

Neat picture, in any case.

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