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Night shot of Hong-Kong time lapse

Yes. Wow. That is interesting to look at! :D You have to stop the cursor on your way down to get the pic of that specific minute. What a cool concept.
That's amazing, and so incredibly useful to aspiring landscape photographers who want to gain an understanding of how the light changes can have an enormous effect on the mood of the image. It's amazing how many transformations the scene goes through as the sun goes down. Aside from being cool, this is a genuine learning tool for landscapers, I'll be reccomending it from now on.

Just look at how rapidly the light changes between about 6:57 and 7:03!
Am I the only one that sees this is fake?
Its 2 pictures, one gets darker and fades into the second one, notice the ripples and boats in the water dont move AT ALL but then magically disappear when the first picture is gone...

Im talking about the clock for instance...
Not really, but it's cool nonetheless. Actually I'd be rather worried at the size of that flash file if it did work properly.
Actually the big stuffup is that at 7:16 the buildings don't align.
Especially considering it is fake I think it kind of sucks photographically speaking. If it was real it might be cool from a flash design perspective but it's still a boring photo and really a fairly uninteresting concept.
FAKE! Anyhow, it would be interesting to actually do it.
of course it is fake, but it's fun anyway!
You can see something similar, but REAL, at:


click on yesterday's time lapse.

I really miss Berkeley.

Well, I guess yesterday's movie is pretty crummy, as it was raining just about all day. They do have a section in the archive with some pretty cool days.
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