Nikon 18-105mm vs. 18-200mm


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Jul 13, 2013
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I'm thinking about buying the Nikon 18-105mm or the 18-200mm. I would like a lens that I can use to shoot portraits. I like to take engagement photos, wedding photos, family photos, group photos, etc. What would be a good lens that could be used for some of those functions? I would like to spend less than $500. I'm looking at buying the lens used on ebay or any where else that sells cheap.
I really enjoy my 18-200mm but I honestly think you would happier with a 85mm 1.8g, 50mm 1.8d, or 70-300mm VR F/4. I mean the 85mm continually comes up when reading about weddings and portrait shots.
For what you are wanting to do, the 18-105 will be just about perfect. The only other lens you might consider is the 16-85. It is a bit wider and the build quality is much better than the 18-105.

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