Nikon 200-400mm anyone?


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Nov 4, 2012
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Thinking of upgrading to this lens. Anyone have it or have shot with it?

Thinking I will rent it next weekend.
Thinking I will rent it next weekend.

Well then.... waiting for your comments..
I was looking at them,too. Please share your thoughts after.

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My dream lens and hopefully my next big photographic purchase. Take a look at Moose Petersons website. This is his primary wildlife lens. I would trust his opinion.
I got one in January and love it. I use it mostly for images of birds. Because of the vibration reduction, I can hand hold and still get acceptable results, but you'll be much happier with the results using a tripod. I had to upgrade my tripod just due to the weight of the lens. It is a heavy beast (camera and lens together almost 10 pounds). I've used a 1.7X teleconverter on it with wonderful results and am thinking about getting the 2X.

It is a large drain on the bank account, but you'll love it!!!
not so great at and near infinity but should be good at closer distances and a very versatile lens. personally i think the 500mm f4 is a lot better, but it is a prime, and cant zoom out. you probably really want VR, so you wont be able to find a 500mm with VR for the same price, but if you got a 500mm AF-S II, you could find one for around the same price as the 200-400 probably. optically the 500 AF-S II, and VR are pretty much identical.

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