Nikon 24-85 G users..Opinions needed


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Sep 16, 2012
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Have a chance to get this lens for 250.00 refurbished with a D600 refurbished. I had been waiting to buy a 28 1.8. Have a 50 1.8 plus a 85 1.8. and a 70-300 vr2
After all that, I find the price for this lens attractive, but some reviews are disheartening. Would really appreciate some feed back. Thanks in advance Ed
My only gripe is 85 is a bit short for my use. I plan on upgrading to the 24-120.
Thanks Sparky, Thought for 250 I'd give it a try.. could sell for that or more later. I guess
Its my only lens under 50mm and im happy with it. You are speaking of the new vr version right?

I down graded from the 24-70 because i didnt use it much. Im more of a long lens guy.

IMO all you really need is a wide 24 or 28 on fx and you standard 50mm and something of portraits like your 85mm.

If your looking for a single lens that will go wide to simi telephoto it works. Obviously primes are sharper and better contrast and color. But its a good lens for carrying around for light weight all purpose
I own the older AF-S model,the f/3.3~4.5 model. It's smallish,lightish, and very useful on FF. Yes, $225-$250 is the new price for these. As I recall, Nikon threw this lens in for FREE with new D600 camera kits for a month or so, so there were a LOT of them distributed, and their owners had basically, zero cash invested in them. I'm sure however that a good number of those early D600's were returned due to either 1) oil or 2) you spent HOW much???!!!! kind of issues, so the price on this lens has fallen through the floor.

On FF, 24,28,and 35mm are ALL very useful focal lengths. ALL of them, each of them. The 35,45,50,60,70,85 zone also has a number of very useful angles of view. The differences do not "sound" like much, but there is a decided difference between say 45 and 55mm or between 45 and 60mm.

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