Nikon 70-200 vr Refurbished


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Dec 12, 2011
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Grand Rapids, MI
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Does anyone have experience buying refurbished Nikon pro lenses? The particular I am looking at is the 70-200mm VR I from a camera shop with good reputations. It has 90 day warranty. What price would you pay? Thanks in advance.
I don't know about a price, but I have no problem with buying refurbished stuff, in fact, i'd probably rather buy refurbished than just 'used', or maybe even new depending on the product, because you know that it's been tested and any broken/worn parts have been replaced.
Personally I don't see any reason why not to purchase a refurbished lens, only because you know it'll work. I however wouldn't go to ebay and purchase a used lens, simply because you don't know how it's been really taken care off (ie, scratches, water damage etc).

Good luck!
im selling mine, its in mint condition. pm me for details.
refurbs from the factory should be fine.

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