Nikon aperture indexing question


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Jul 16, 2015
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Just received an ebay Nikon F2 Photomic with the DP-1 finder. My current only Nikon lens with rabbit ears is my 105mm f2.5.

when I mount the lens, the lens prongs securely engage with the camera peg. As I understand it, you then need to ratchet the aperture ring from max-min a time or two to get the lens indexed to the camera. My perceived issue is that after I do this, the window in the front of the DP1 displays 2.8(ish) at ALL aperture setting thereafter. The lens prongs are clearly moving the body aperture reader left and right as the ring is turned (as you would expect).

Is this normal? Thought the display should change as the ring rotated.

The DP--1 is probably around 48 years old,or older, and I suspect that it is out of order. It has been about three decades since I used a manually indexing Nikon body regularly, but I seem to remember that when you mount the lens onto the camera, that you are supposed to have the lens set to f / 5.6. you might try that, and then once you have the lens mounted onto the camera, rack the lens to wide open aperture.
Thanks Derrel! Needed that confirmation. When I set the shutter to 1 second and look inside the lens, the aperture blades are closing down to the set opening, even tho the display doesn’t know it. So, I’ll keep the camera. It is just so COOL to have a totally mechanical camera. Will start a new thread after I run a roll thru it.
Should be fun to use. The F2 was always a fun camera to use. I still own two of them from the 1980s but they are in storage right now. The meter prisms were always the weak spot of the f and the f 2.
@Derrel is correct, in order to calibrate the meter certain steps must be followed when mounting a lens. The window only shows the maximum aperture of the lens that is mounted, from F1.2 to f5.6 not the actual f-stop set on the aperture ring.

From the F2 Manual
“In order to measure exposure at full aperture with lenses of different maximum apertures, the meter must be adjusted to the maximum aperture of the lens in use. This is done each time the lens is attached or changed by turning the aperture ring of the lens * through its entire range and the window should display the maximum aperture of the lens mounted. i.e turn aperture to f/5.6 and mount the lens onto camera, and turn to extreme right and left with the aperture ring.“

The F2 is a nice solid performer, wish I has kept my last F2A, nothing beats that shutter sound a 1/125 sec.
Is this normal?

Yes. The F2 finder displays the indexed (maximum) aperture of the mounted lens.

The lens mounting routine on pre-AI Nikons is called "the Nikon shuffle."

The DP11 and DP12 finders were auto-indexing (with AI lenses) so you didn't have to do that.
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Looks like the aperture setting is registering correctly at the bottom of the viewfinder. I think we may be ok! Loading a roll and shooting soon.
I miss my stolen when the house I was renting got broken into.
I absolutely love my F2. I got a smokin deal on mine (clean) and sent it off to Sover Wong for a complete CLA and was worth every penny since it is my most used camera. I recently purchased a serviced DP1 from him but will rarely use it. I prefer the non metered prism. Yes, set your lens to f5.6, and mount it, then rack the aperture ring.

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