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Jul 13, 2003
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ok here we go for the first topic i post, i am ready to buy a D100 from Nikon but still i wanna know if somebody has another opinion or another camera which should be better for that price... the purpose of the buy is to take sportpictures (especially wakeboard and snowboard, mtb, etc...) so very quick pictures especially.... please some remarks before i make the (good or bad) descission....thanks :D

indepth review. It gives a comparison to the Canon D60 which you might find helpful. Now I know from the small amount of research I have done, (and its a long way from the final answer) that my DSLR of choice would be the Canon 10D.

I think the most pressing thing that would bother me about the D100 is the lack of an ISO100, but if your main concern is sports photography... then its probably not that big a concern.

Thanks for the reply Tyler anyway a friend of mine also mentioned the 10D from Canon so i am a little concerned which it would be as i only have lenses from minolta at this moment i'll have to buy new lenses anyway so the choice is open....but still got some time anyway so the money is good at the bank at this moment... :)
hmm.. does minolta have a DSLR? if they do and it sounds ok at least it would be the same system.

I'm looking at getting an SLR right now, and I'm leaning towards a Canon Elan 7, just because I feel like I will want to go with a Canon DSLR and that is the system I want to stick with.

Anyway happy reading, think about the system and study those reviews, they help a lot.


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