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Jul 8, 2013
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I have 2 questions about my new Nikon D300:

1. When I'm looking through the viewfinder and click half way to focus on the picture, it is all fuzzy even though when I do take the picture, it is perfect, great focus. But every time I'm going to shoot it is like that, they look fuzzy when looking through the viewfinder. Is that normal? Is there an option I can change to make it clear?

2. Whith my Nikon D80, I could hook it up to the computer to download/import the pictures, a box would pop up ask if I wanted to import, I would say yes, and it would automatically start downloading. With the D300, it does the same thing but when I click on "Import" it gives me errors with all the pictures, something that it can't find the picture???? I have to go to Explorer, click on the camera, copy and paste where ever I want the pictures. It is a pain.

Thanks for all your help.
Can you describe what you mean by 'fuzzy'? Does it appear to go out of focus, or move about, or?

There's a particular setting in the menu (Sorry, I can't remember which setting or which menu) to configure USB connection; that might be the issue.
Have you adjusted the diopter for your eye site?
Diopter????? No? :( How do you do that?

tirediron, basically, even though the picture is in focus, it doesn't look like it is through the viewfinder.
Diopter????? No? :( How do you do that?
A quick read through the owner's manual might reveal all kinds of little tricks that you would find useful.

The diopter adjustment is a small knob right beside the eyepiece on the back of the camera. Adjust it until the items in the viewfinder (not the image through the lens but the viewfinder control display) is in sharp focus.
There's a little knob by the view finder. That's the shooter.
Diopter not shooter. Stupid auto correct.
Focus the camera first on anything you wish then turn the little wheel on top of your viewfinder until it looks clear and your done.
Thank you DarkShadow, truth is, I've done that before (long time ago) can't believe I forgot all about that botton/wheel. :(
Adjust Viewfinder Focus (Diopter) adjustment is found on page 43 of the D300 users manual.

The Index starts on page 419.
Sounds defective, you better send it to me so I can check it out for you :)

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