Nikon d40 stuck on start up screen


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Jun 29, 2013
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My 6 year old d40 started by not showing the photos I had taken so I reloaded the firmware it worked ok for a while then went the same way again the display on the LCD screen would go off show I switched it off and held down the two bottom buttons the delete and zoom buttons now its stuck on selection of country screen and won't do nothing else I have spoken to Nikon they have blamed the sd card which has worked ok in it for 5 years
Won't hurt trying another SD card to make sure.
Nothing is forever. Trying a new SD card will be cheaper and easier than having a repair shop diagnose a solution to the issue.

It could be that the SD card contacts in the bottom of the camera slot are dirty or corroded, and need to be cleaned.
Certainly you can look at the condition of the contacts on the SD card. If the card contacts are not pristine, you can bet the contacts in the camera aren't either.

Many people rarely remove their SD card, which means it doesn't get burnished from the card/camera contacts mating and un-mating at the bottom of the card slot.
Consequently, corrosion can (and does) occur.
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it wont start up even without sd in it, just completely locked,before this issue I had no problem with switching it on with no sd card it,I dont think it's the sd card it like the operating system is crashing ....just tried a new sd card still the same

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