Nikon D5100 focus areas are gone??? HELP!


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Feb 23, 2010
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Hello! I have had my Nikon for about 2 years now and till recently under the AF area mode there was multiple options including 11 points tracking, and 3D. However, now they all are GONE! The only 2 options I have are SIngle-pont AF and Auto-area AF. I always shoot in manual, but even when I tried to switch to S priority, A priority or P - it was all the same. I am pretty sure that happened after I called Nikon about one minor issue and they told me how to reset the camera to the original factory settings (which I did), but even if the factory settings, other AF options were there the day I bought it!
I tried to look in the menu, but I don''t see anything about AF modes anywhere in the menu.
Can someone please help?
Did you re-read the Focus section of your D5100 users manual? The PDF users manual file on the software disc, not the hard copy 'quick guide'.
Pages 39 to 46

It sounds like your camera is in AF-A focus mode (Auto-Servo focus mode)

If needed, you can download the complete users manual here -
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