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Nikon D5100 HDR


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Dec 26, 2011
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San Diego
Hello Folks,

Sometimes I can get the HDR to light-up in the menu, and sometimes, I can't. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have it in P, M, A,or S mode, have multiple exposure on, I am not AE autobracketing, I am using Matrix metering, and the flash is off. Yes, I have read the pdf manual. Is there a certain setting I have that is not allowing the HDR to turn on for me to access?

Regards & Thanks,

Hello, and thanks for trying to help me out. I have the camera on RAW+JPEG Basic. HDR has worked on this setting before.

Here is the key, and I think it means I need to see what caused this "problem": When I RESET the shooting menu, HDR is enabled to be accessed. It may be one of those divide and conquer type of things before I find the issue...

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No. The HDR option will not work with RAW at all. Not even raw+Jpeg. When you reset - it defaults to jpeg.
When shooting RAW the HDR option will be gray and if you try to click on it - it will say something like "this option is not available in its current settings.". If you change to just JPEG it will work.

You can still do HDR in raw - the camera just won't do it do you.

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