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Jun 26, 2013
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Hi guys i realy need your help i really want to get the new nikon d600 but im not 100% sure.
I saw like a million previews on youtube
And the main thing that makes me scared is the sensor dust problem
I'll really apreciate comments and advises
Thank you...
Getting the D 600 is kinda like marrying the girl of you dreams, you know after you get married she will probably fart. But that is part of the package. Same way with a little sensor dust. just a little bit of bother, but you got a sweetheart of a camera.
Your comment was the funniest i've ever read...

Hahaha lol thank you very much...
If the dust/sensor issue is a deal breaker, don't get the D600. If it's something that you can live with (even though you shouldn't have to live with
such a problem being that the camera is brand new), then you'll probably love the D600. What do you have now?
Thank you. But seriously, I have the D600, and its a sweet camera.
I just sold my d5000 with the kit lens(18-55 f3.5-5.6), but i have the micro 105mm f2.8 wich is an amazing lens sittin' wating to the next body.
D600 1599.00 at with an added 15% rebate coupon Till midnight today.
Truthfully.... How current is all the hullabaloo about D600 dust and oil?
I guess ill let you as soon as i'll get the camera
At some point all sensors will require a cleaning of dust.The D600 problem is claimed to be lubricate debri off the mirror box.Nikon Issue statement.Nikon issues official statement on the D600 dust/oil issue | Nikon Rumors From what I was told by my local dealer that they are not seeing this problem on newer stock coming in and maybe nikon has addressed this and fixed that issue. I wouldn't let it deter me from getting one. Nothing is perfect and if we nit pick we can find flaws in all of them including canon.If I could budget the funds for a D600 right now,I would order one it a heart beat.
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I have gotten my D600 recently, at the beginning of May, around ca 1000 shots now. It was present in the shop, though, so I dont know from when exactly the camera is.

It definitely has two big spots (and in the area one would expect, top left) that I can see very clearly at f/32, and several other spots, mostly again in the top left area, but not all of them. The middle of the sensor is still clean, though, and I cant see any issue at all on real pictures at f/8 and below.

My D5100 is still squeaky clean. It has about 7000 shots. I rarely ever changed lenses on that one, though.

Theres also a big thread about D600 dust in my main forum about photography (a german one) and it has pretty much died down.

Part of owning a high res DSLR is keeping the insides clean. Especially if you have more than 1 lens. It's no big deal, just clean it. Start with the clean sensor option on the camera menu. If that doesn't work go with a Giottos Rocket and blow the hole lightly upside down, increasing the velocity, then mirror up and do the same procedure. If that doesn't work, go with a wet system sensor cleaner. All the above options are cheaper than the postage to send it back to Nikon, not to mention the bouncing around wear and tear your rig will take getting there and back..

As always the aforementioned is JMHO.....
........All the above options are cheaper than the postage to send it back to Nikon, not to mention the bouncing around wear and tear your rig will take getting there and back..

Plus, cleaning a sensor is SOOOooooooooooooo stupidly simple I can't imagine why anyone would be afraid of it.
I've had a D600 since the new year and recently started seeing spots that I couldn't clean with the camera cleaning mode or an air blower. I debated taking it to a local shop for cleaning, but decided to send it to Nikon instead since it's under warranty.

A couple days later I received an email saying the spots weren't oil, just dust, and that the camera was being cleaned and serviced. Watching the status on the website, it said work was being done--minor repair, but a major part. About 11 days after I sent it out, I got the camera back. The invoice said they replaced the shutter mechanism. Since I hadn't had any problems with it, my assumption is that this was the part that could lead to oil spots and they replaced it proactively.

Man, I missed my camera while it was gone, but sending it in gave me piece of mind that hopefully I won't encounter the oil problem. I love the D600 and recommend it highly as a great enthusiast camera.

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