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Sep 29, 2012
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Puyallup, WA
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So I am looking to add another camera to my equipment list. This time around I'm looking at the D7100.

I've seen photos shot with it, read the specs, seen reviews across the web. My last stop was here to see what people thought about the D7100 and how they like it?


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You'll like it much better than your d3200. Better control of focus points, quick access buttons, dual control wheels for Aperture/Shutter, etc etc.

I've helped a few friends with d3x00 cameras and those drive me batty compared to the d7x00 bodies.

Plus it's a great crop camera.
Used to own the D7100 for a year and a half, awesome camera!!!
Still if you can add the money get the D7200, it is a slight improvement over the D7200

Back to the D7100........................
Excellent AF, much better then the one on your D3200
Close low light performance to the D3200
Slightly better image quality due to the removal of AA filter.
Extra command dial is great
Weather sealing
AF motor for use with older "D" lenses
Body is heavier but feels much more substantiate and "pro like"
Little screen above the camera is helpful
Faster FPS

I loved my D7100, never had anything bad to say about it, its only Achilles heel is its rather smallish buffer but unless you are a serious sports shooter this camera will do very nicely even for sports, I found even the 6 frames buffer is more then enough for what I needed it.

So if you cant afford the D7200 which as I said is a slight improvement over the D7100 then I am sure you will be very happy and pleased with the D7100 I was and sometimes miss it a bit :)

Good luck
I added a D7100 to my D3200 earlier this year, and yes, there is a huge difference in the two cameras. The 7100 is much easier to change settings because I don't have to go to the menu as often. I still use my 3200, but, the 7100 is now my go to.....
The only issue with the D7100 was banding in seriously under-exposed shadow areas dredged from the depths in post--a situation that's easily avoided. New firmware is rumored to improve the problem.

My only beef with the D7100/7200 is their size. I find the MB D-15 battery grip greatly improves their ergonomics. I'd skip the plasticky clones for the real deal metal Nikon version.

Suspect the usual seasonal discounts will begin in 6-8 weeks. You should be able to get a D7100 at a very good price.
Nice camera. I've never seen that banding that's sometimes talked about. I suppose I don't push photos as far as some in software.

It's about as good as aps-c cameras get in everything except it's buffer for raw isn't fabulous, in jpeg it's good enough.

Be sure buy a good set of cards. The SanDisk extreme pro 95mbps are the ones that most recommend
Have one and love it.
Went from a D3200 to a D7100 myself. Highly recommend, no more digging around in your 3200 menu's to change settings.

Go for it, you certainly won't regret it :)

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