Nikon EM Camera anyone?


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Jan 5, 2006
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Does anyone have this camera? Pros and cons?
I only used someone else's once, so no expert, but here goes...

Pros: Small, accurate metering in my experience, well-built (more plastic than other Nikons, but still feels very sturdy), one mechanical shutter speed (can't remember what) in case battery dies.

Cons: Aperture priority automatic exposure only (no manual control over shutter speed), exposure compensation only by changing ISO... I think.

Like I said I only used one once and about a year ago, so please correct anything I got wrong.

Personally I'm not sure what it would offer you that your F75 doesn't already, except looking and feeling nicer (although that's a good enough reason to get one if you spot a bargain!). A camera with more manual control would imo be preferable.
These are okay. Kind of an entry level competing with the Canon AE1 or Minolta X700. If it is a good price then good, but I prefer the build and feel of the FM and FE.

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