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Nikon L120 -- what do you guys think?


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Feb 4, 2012
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Hello everyone,

I dont know If this was posted already here but I'll give it a shot. I have a nikon L120 with me and its a great camera. But I want your output about this camera. Is it good for beginners like me whos kind of tight on budget?
It's a great point and shoot camera. I see a lot of people who get it thinking it is a bridge camera and that they will be able to learn photography with it get disappointed. It's not a bridge camera and has no manual or assisted abilities.
You can get some great shots from it and learn about composing an image and a few other things. Blackrose89 has done a great job with the very basics using it, but she's had it since Christmas and is now going on to a full blown DSLR because of it's limits.
Maybe at the same price you may find something more appropriate (i.e., with manual controls). This if for beginner you mean one that wants to learn: for taking snapshots it's ok.
If you want some more room to grow, look for example at some Fuji. I still have (in my wife's hands) a Canon SX110is, now evolved multiple times up to SX150is, which is manual too and with good image quality and equally cheap. Unfortunately it lacks viewfinder - another thing I would consider if meant at learning.

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