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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by andycomp38, May 1, 2005.

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    May 1, 2005
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    Hello all,
    Looking for advice on a little dilemma. I am off to Tunisia next month and aim to shoot some pictures for a stock library.
    I can't decide which zoom lens to take with my Nikon D70.
    I have a Nikkor 35-70mm F2.8 zoom lens and a Nikkor 28-80mm f3.3/F5.6 G lens.
    From what I have researched the 35-70mm lens is excellant quality. This lens though is bigger and heavier than the 28-80mm zoom.
    The 28-80mm zoom is light, compact, and obvioulsy slighty wider and a slighty longer! But I understand the quality is not as good as the 35-70mm.
    Should I go for quality?
    Or should I go for conveniance?
    Is there anyone out there succesfully using the 28-80 mm Nikon G lens for top quality stock photography?
    Opinions would greatly appriciated.
    Thanks for reading this post.

  2. KevinR

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    Feb 1, 2005
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    Without a doubt. Go for quality. That 2.8 is very sharp, just what you need for any type of stock photography.
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    I second the thought of going for the best possible quality. I don't think the extra zoom range would be worth as much as the added quality of the better lens.
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    Dec 25, 2004
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    do you want to go jogging w/ your camera, or on eleventy billion mile hikes? if so then the low quality 28-80 may be better for your.

    I don't beleive any of us want to jog thousands of miles w/ our cameras so the 35-70 f/2.8 is better.

    if you want to go light and still versitile and high quality, the 24-85 ED IF AF-S f/3.5-4.5G is an extremely sharp and contrasty lense. it retails for around 400-450. You can get it online for about 380 from adorama and b&h.

    and for the answer to the does anyone use the 28-80 for high quality photos. I'd have to say almost absolutly not. Though you can get high quality photos as long as you stop down to f/8 and f/11 and use a tripod every shot.

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