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Nov 8, 2005
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Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Hi, looking at a Nikkor H Auto 1.8 85mm lens. Does anyone know if this is AI compatible? It has the bunny ears with holes in, not the solid type, but I just can't find anything on the 'net to confirm this. If I buy it I'll use it on my F3 and F301 so it has to be at least AI. Anyone any ideas?

Cheers, Lol
I don't personnally know but you can find out on the Nikonian's Web site. Basica membership is free and they have an extensive FAQ section as well as a forum section specifially on lenses. I am sure you can get your question answered there.
I know that the one with solid ears is non AI. If you can can physically see the lens, or a picture of it that shows the mount, you will be able to see the AI coupling ring. You might also be able to determine with the serial number, don't quote me, but I believe Nikkors made after 1981 ( serial number would tell you that ) were at least AI. The 1.8's go for a pretty good buck on O-boy.
That's the problem, the guy has taken a picture from above and to one side so I can't see the AI ring if it's there. I could ask him but I'm not sure he's a photographer, hence the potential unreliability of his info. Will check Nikonians later.

Cheers, Lol

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