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Nikon MH-24 Chargers


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Dec 26, 2015
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I have an MH-24 charger, and although it functions as charger perfectly fine, I would like another charger that has a 12V adapter and/or USB cable so I can charge batteries in the car. I have had a look on eBay and Amazon, however all the brands seem a little dubious, and I can't seem to find a Nikon original one. I'm always a little cautious when buying unknown brands, especially when products are going to charge batteries. Are there any good alternative brands I should look our for.

Any helpful information would be gratefully received.

I don't think Nikon makes any 12v chargers for most of their stuff.

You'd probably be better off buying a small DC to AC converter.
I don't think Nikon makes any 12v chargers for most of their stuff.
True, but plenty of third party manufactures do make chargers for EN-EL14 batteries that run from both mains and 12Volt DC.
This is but one example Adorama PT-63. A google search for "en-el14 charger" will bring up plenty more.
I'm not too keen on trusting my batteries to them.
I have a DC inverter that I use for both my laptop and for whatever else might need to be powered up in the car.

As sparky says, I'm not much on aftermarket chargers....

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