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May 12, 2003
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San Diego, Ca
Hey whats going on everyone. Ive decided to buy a nikon n65; which will be my first SLR. Many people have told me the importance of a good lense. So my question is, should I buy the body of the camera seperate from the lense? If so, what would be some good choices, that are resonably priced? Woudl ebay be a viable option? Thanks
I think you should be able to find a good deal on ebay. Nikon has excellent lenses. I think the standard 28-80 zoom from Nikon is pretty good for its price so I'd definately get that with the body. I wouldn't bother with any other zoom lenses if quality is what you are after.
scott, quantarray makes a very good af 28-90mm lens for nikons(i have an n75). this lens cost me next to nothing. but really it all depends on what type of lens you want. alot of the n65's and n75's come as kits, but you can buy the body seperatley.

for the money scott, to address your new(and deleted) thread :lol: , the quantarray 28-90mm is a great lens for your camera.


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