Nikon N80 film loading problem.


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May 7, 2006
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Sorry, I don't really know how to properly phrase my problem. The thing is, when I put a new roll of film into my N80, it auto-loads the film past the first couple of frames. So, when I get the film back from the developer, the first two frames are blank.
With my old all-manual SLR, I could manually advance the film to start where I wanted it to, with the result that I could get about 27 exposures from a 24-exposure roll. Now, I get 25. Call me a cheapskate, but...
Is it possible to change that behavior in my N80? I've been through the manual from beginning to end a couple of times, with no luck. It's behaved like this since it was new; it's not a problem that's developed over time.

Thanks for any help or insights.
I own two N80Â’s, and both cameras do the same thing. I think this anomaly is inherent to the camera design and not really a defect.
As we say in the computer world -- "that's not a bug, it's a feature!"
Thanks for all your responses. I guess I won't bother dragging it down to the photo repair guy.

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