Nikon Nikkormat FT-2 black w/50mm f2.0 - nice


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May 19, 2005
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Manitoba, Canada
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I'm selling this warhorse to the first person with $130.00 USD plus shipping.
I can't afford to lose any money on this camera/lens combo so the price is firm.
I actually love this camera but I'm not a collector. I buy 'em, love 'em for awhile and sell 'em. would love to see it go to someone who loves film and will put it to work.

The camera shows a lot of brassing, I would call it patina, and some dents in the bottom and top plates. Other than that this is a serious user. Built like a tank this camera will last forever. This puppy is all metal. The dents, dings and brassing just add to the character of this camera. It's heavy - weight is about 780g without the lens...that's close to 2lbs.
The meter works but I can't vouch for the accuracy. Battery included. Also includes rubber eyecup which is not original; comes from an Olympus but slips on pretty snugly and looks original. Bothe end lens caps too. No body cap.
Exterior shows wear...interior is fine, no problems; mirror good, shutter curtain good.

I replaced the door strip seals. They had been replaced but poorly. The mirror seal looks to have been replaced recently.
I bought the lens seperately and it is in excellent condition, no scratches, haze, fungus, nothing. HC coating (first generation multi-coating). The lens is under warranty still from Henry's in Toronto for another 5 months or so. I think the warranty is transferrable but not sure. In any case you shouldn't have a problem with it. Not the fastest lens out there but well suited to the task. It's a non-AI lens.

Mirror lock-up, DOF preview, ISO 12 - 1600, TTL Cds metering, speeds from 1 to 1/1000 sec., plus B.

For full on specs see this excellent website:

First one to PM with their intention to buy takes it. Camera will be shipped from Canada, R7N0C6.










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